Monday, October 18, 2010

Just Because

I say I don't want more does not mean I don't like it.  I just don't want more.  Chileans read into actions to much.  I have said I don't want more of something quite a few times, and the response I have gotten is either still more of that food, or "You don't like it?" in an offended voice.  I feel bad about it, but I have already gained 11 pounds here.  I love all the food I have been given, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

On the same note, today was my grandpa's birthday and my teacher's birthday.  This of course meant cake for both, not the the regular Chilean cake, but regular cake, just glorified.  They were both really good, though normally I don't like regular cake.  But, tons of food, and tons of food that was bad for me.  All delicious.

I forgot to say too, the other day I went to my grandparents and drove a quad.  I now understand why it is so big around me at home and here, it's exciting and fun.  I can't wait to do it more.  I ended up making my brother ask me to go slower and when he got off he kissed the ground, though I wasn't going more that 20 mph. 

This last weekend I went to Concepcion and spend Friday not in school, and just wandering the city.  I went to the natural history museum and a few parks, the center and some stores.  They have these stores here that sell old American clothes, and of course what do I find, nothing else than a Slipper Rock Lacrosse shirt.  Of course I had to buy it.  I got a few other things and some awesome earrings.  But, I spent more money there than I have anywhere besides the on the gym.  In the afternoon, when my dad had a break from his accounting classes he took me to lunch at his favorite place to eat.  Just a sandwich and hotdog shot, but definantly the best Chilean sandwiches I've had.  They are called Churascos, not so sure about the spelling, but they are beef or pork with toppings on a delicious bun.  Toppings include everything, from cheese, advocado, onions, eggs, and mayo, plus the regular ketchup, mustard, and hot sauce, and a few other things.  But it was a good day with my dad, plus I found a kind of coffee that I like, not much of coffee, but still, vanilla coffee.
Then that night we went to their friend's house to stay overnight and had a really good dinner.  The next morning we ate, and then went for a walk with the dog.  We came back, at again, and then went to a waterfall near their house.  It was a long walk, but definantly worth it.  Oh, and I forgot my camera, so I didn't have it in the city, but my mom brought it and I had it for the waterfalls and the river we walked too.  Then it was home on Sunday.

Now back to the usual life at home.  My brother and cousins are going to the gym with me tomorrow and this weekend is a Rotary get together and we have a test on our Spanish to see if we can go to RYLA, a youth leadership weekend workshop.  And I think if our Spanish is bad enough they send us home.  But I don't have to worry, mine is coming along great, I at least won't get sent home.  I'm pumped to see all my Rotary friends.  Wish me luck!

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