Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rotary Weekends

Rotary weekends are awesome, and my groups rocks.  We went to Chillan for the weekend and stayed near the thermal pools, though we didn't get to go to one because they were to expensive, and the skiing areas.  We had two houses, one for the girls and one for the boys.  We spent most of the time in the girls because it had a deck that looked out on to a beautiful stream and woods.  Even the woods here seem more beautiful, dead gnarled trees with great bunches of moss hanging off, bamboo everywhere, white weathered wood in the stream, it couldn't be much prettier.  At one point, the three other Americans and I went on a short hike through the woods and found a bridge made out of a log that had fallen across the stream and climbed part way up the mountain that was close by.  Just amazing.

Throughout the weekend we cooked Chilean food, ate Chilean food, took a Spanish test, had a talent show, and a few other things.  For my talent, my friend, Donner, and I did a skit that I stole from two of my friends back in the US.  During a OMD YAC Conference two girls, known as the Katies, did a skit to Peanut Butter Jelly Time.  One Katie stood behind the other with her arms underneath the other's arms and made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fed them to the other Katie, all very messily.  So, with no real talents, I stole an idea for a talent to perform with another talentless friend.  It turned out well and people enjoyed it. 

My Spanish test went really well and I got told that mine was one of the best.  That was just a big relief being here knowing that my Spanish is on the right track and I'm doing well.  All in all, the weekend was a plus and a much needed break from my everyday life of being an exchange student.  And as always, leaving the exchange students was hard.  But, I know I'll see them soon enough.

Before the weekend I had a track me, my first since 8th grade, granted it was only running.  It took 7 hours and I ran twice, one for my school and once for another school that didn't have enough people.  I got a 2nd and a 3rd, and both races were relays.  And each time only 5 teams ran, so nothing spectacular.  But it was fun and I got to talk a lot the whole day, which was really good for me, I need to talk to more people. 

I'm still not doing as much as I should for the SAT's and college applications, this blog is yet more procrastinating.  And that tells you how much I don't want to do it, I'm writing a blog.  I wish I was more like my brother and I had the ability to sit down and get stuff done more often.  When I do sit down it happens, but it's the sitting down and starting that is the problem.  I have to get it done though, so it will happen.

Today my class had a nationwide English test that none of the exchange students had to take.  So we all sat in the cafeteria all day and talked.  And then we missed a class or two on accident.  Definantly a good day of school in my books.

Not much else going on as usual, I got some recipies from my parents and I hope I can cook for my family again.  The gym as usual, and maybe I'm going to make a special Chilean cookie with my friend on Thursday.  And I almost forgot one of the reasons I wanted to write this blog, music once again.  A lot of the time we listen to music when we eat, and sometimes some not so appropriate songs come on.  And I can't help but laugh, normally I can contol it, at lyics along the lines of "I'm gonna lay you...and something sexual."  Or rap songs rapping about getting money and something degrading to women.  And the whole time I am the only one who realizes what is going on.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Just Because

I say I don't want more does not mean I don't like it.  I just don't want more.  Chileans read into actions to much.  I have said I don't want more of something quite a few times, and the response I have gotten is either still more of that food, or "You don't like it?" in an offended voice.  I feel bad about it, but I have already gained 11 pounds here.  I love all the food I have been given, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

On the same note, today was my grandpa's birthday and my teacher's birthday.  This of course meant cake for both, not the the regular Chilean cake, but regular cake, just glorified.  They were both really good, though normally I don't like regular cake.  But, tons of food, and tons of food that was bad for me.  All delicious.

I forgot to say too, the other day I went to my grandparents and drove a quad.  I now understand why it is so big around me at home and here, it's exciting and fun.  I can't wait to do it more.  I ended up making my brother ask me to go slower and when he got off he kissed the ground, though I wasn't going more that 20 mph. 

This last weekend I went to Concepcion and spend Friday not in school, and just wandering the city.  I went to the natural history museum and a few parks, the center and some stores.  They have these stores here that sell old American clothes, and of course what do I find, nothing else than a Slipper Rock Lacrosse shirt.  Of course I had to buy it.  I got a few other things and some awesome earrings.  But, I spent more money there than I have anywhere besides the on the gym.  In the afternoon, when my dad had a break from his accounting classes he took me to lunch at his favorite place to eat.  Just a sandwich and hotdog shot, but definantly the best Chilean sandwiches I've had.  They are called Churascos, not so sure about the spelling, but they are beef or pork with toppings on a delicious bun.  Toppings include everything, from cheese, advocado, onions, eggs, and mayo, plus the regular ketchup, mustard, and hot sauce, and a few other things.  But it was a good day with my dad, plus I found a kind of coffee that I like, not much of coffee, but still, vanilla coffee.
Then that night we went to their friend's house to stay overnight and had a really good dinner.  The next morning we ate, and then went for a walk with the dog.  We came back, at again, and then went to a waterfall near their house.  It was a long walk, but definantly worth it.  Oh, and I forgot my camera, so I didn't have it in the city, but my mom brought it and I had it for the waterfalls and the river we walked too.  Then it was home on Sunday.

Now back to the usual life at home.  My brother and cousins are going to the gym with me tomorrow and this weekend is a Rotary get together and we have a test on our Spanish to see if we can go to RYLA, a youth leadership weekend workshop.  And I think if our Spanish is bad enough they send us home.  But I don't have to worry, mine is coming along great, I at least won't get sent home.  I'm pumped to see all my Rotary friends.  Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Guess It's Time For Another

It's been a while since my last post, but not to much has really happened.  I've got my basic routine down.  I just need to add some stuff to it.  Here is how it goes...
1) Get up and 6:30 and make breakfast and watch part of a movie or a tv show while eating.  Slowly get dressed and do all the other morning things.
2) Go to school.
3) Be bored at school for 6 hours 5 days a week.
4) Come home and eat.
5) Hang out for a bit with my family and get on the computer.
6) Go to the gym.
7) Go out around town, hang out with friends, or most often come home and chill for the rest of the night.
8) Go to bed way to late.
9) Start over.

Weekends vary obviously.  I travel a lot whether it is with my family or now Rotary events are about to pick up for a while.  What I am really waiting for is summer though.  No more school.  And I have a bunch of places I want to go with my family.  One of my extended families have 3 houses, one in Santiago, one county house outside of Santiago with a lake and a pool, and their beach house...amazing.  Plus I am going to get to go see my Rotary friends, I hope.  And I think my brother might be coming to visit.

The past few weeks have been slow as I said.  I started soccer and after my first day they asked me to play for their team.  We played in a tournament this weekend and got second place.  I missed the first of three games because I went my English professor's English class that he teaches at a university close by.  I just gave my Rotary presentation and then talked with them in English.  There were some other exchange students too.  But, back to soccer, it turns out I'm actually pretty good down here.  Nothing special, but not bad, which is a relief.  I was scared they were going to be amazing.  But already I don't know if I want to play anymore.  Last year once the season was done I was done too with soccer.  I will keep playing here though just to be around people.

I think the time when I am happiest here is when I cook.  It is great for some reason, a million things going on at once, smelling great, and looking great.  I just wish I had better pans, the ones I have are thing and burn things easily, and not enough variety.  But I make do and they still love my food.  But with all the food I make comes a lot of excersizing.  But I don't mind, I'm an excersize addict.  And now my cousins are going to start coming to the gym, I don't know for how long, but they came today.  And next week my brother will come too. 

Back to school really quickly, I started working in Chemistry and it's not so bad so far.  I'm starting to recall stuff.  And my math teacher as I said was impressed with me today because I got the farthest on our worksheet, about 6 problems ahead of everyone else out of 18 problems in and hour.  So not to bad.

Not much else except the miners are all safe here.  All 33.  Everyone seems really happy about it.  My dad and I watched it last night and then the rest of the family came in gradually after it was over.  But my dad asked if people in the US had really heard much about it and I said yeah, it's actually pretty big.  He also said that it was pretty big in Denmark too, where is daughter is.  He seemed pretty happy that Chile was getting the attention it was, as I think everyone else was.  I understood only a little bit of what they were saying on CNN which was frustrating and showed me how far my Spanish has really come.  Then again, I wasn't concentrating to hard.  I too was really happy for the Chileans to be out and safe, even with some problems here I fell part of the country and I felt with them.

Well, off to Concepcion tomorrow for who knows what, I'm still pretty lost here.  But hopefully I will get to see two of my Rotary friends while I am there.  Up for a bus at 6.  Maybe I'll sleep tonight.  Oh yeah, I mentioned that above, I don't sleep well or long.  I got to sleep at anywhere from 1:30 to 4:30.  I don't know why but it sort of sucks.  Then again it is nice because it helps school go faster...though I'm not focusing on Spanish as much.  Maybe I'll start sleeping better soon.  I can't decide whether is will be good or bad, I know Rotary would say good, but I hate school.