Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Guess It's Time For Another

It's been a while since my last post, but not to much has really happened.  I've got my basic routine down.  I just need to add some stuff to it.  Here is how it goes...
1) Get up and 6:30 and make breakfast and watch part of a movie or a tv show while eating.  Slowly get dressed and do all the other morning things.
2) Go to school.
3) Be bored at school for 6 hours 5 days a week.
4) Come home and eat.
5) Hang out for a bit with my family and get on the computer.
6) Go to the gym.
7) Go out around town, hang out with friends, or most often come home and chill for the rest of the night.
8) Go to bed way to late.
9) Start over.

Weekends vary obviously.  I travel a lot whether it is with my family or now Rotary events are about to pick up for a while.  What I am really waiting for is summer though.  No more school.  And I have a bunch of places I want to go with my family.  One of my extended families have 3 houses, one in Santiago, one county house outside of Santiago with a lake and a pool, and their beach house...amazing.  Plus I am going to get to go see my Rotary friends, I hope.  And I think my brother might be coming to visit.

The past few weeks have been slow as I said.  I started soccer and after my first day they asked me to play for their team.  We played in a tournament this weekend and got second place.  I missed the first of three games because I went my English professor's English class that he teaches at a university close by.  I just gave my Rotary presentation and then talked with them in English.  There were some other exchange students too.  But, back to soccer, it turns out I'm actually pretty good down here.  Nothing special, but not bad, which is a relief.  I was scared they were going to be amazing.  But already I don't know if I want to play anymore.  Last year once the season was done I was done too with soccer.  I will keep playing here though just to be around people.

I think the time when I am happiest here is when I cook.  It is great for some reason, a million things going on at once, smelling great, and looking great.  I just wish I had better pans, the ones I have are thing and burn things easily, and not enough variety.  But I make do and they still love my food.  But with all the food I make comes a lot of excersizing.  But I don't mind, I'm an excersize addict.  And now my cousins are going to start coming to the gym, I don't know for how long, but they came today.  And next week my brother will come too. 

Back to school really quickly, I started working in Chemistry and it's not so bad so far.  I'm starting to recall stuff.  And my math teacher as I said was impressed with me today because I got the farthest on our worksheet, about 6 problems ahead of everyone else out of 18 problems in and hour.  So not to bad.

Not much else except the miners are all safe here.  All 33.  Everyone seems really happy about it.  My dad and I watched it last night and then the rest of the family came in gradually after it was over.  But my dad asked if people in the US had really heard much about it and I said yeah, it's actually pretty big.  He also said that it was pretty big in Denmark too, where is daughter is.  He seemed pretty happy that Chile was getting the attention it was, as I think everyone else was.  I understood only a little bit of what they were saying on CNN which was frustrating and showed me how far my Spanish has really come.  Then again, I wasn't concentrating to hard.  I too was really happy for the Chileans to be out and safe, even with some problems here I fell part of the country and I felt with them.

Well, off to Concepcion tomorrow for who knows what, I'm still pretty lost here.  But hopefully I will get to see two of my Rotary friends while I am there.  Up for a bus at 6.  Maybe I'll sleep tonight.  Oh yeah, I mentioned that above, I don't sleep well or long.  I got to sleep at anywhere from 1:30 to 4:30.  I don't know why but it sort of sucks.  Then again it is nice because it helps school go faster...though I'm not focusing on Spanish as much.  Maybe I'll start sleeping better soon.  I can't decide whether is will be good or bad, I know Rotary would say good, but I hate school.

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