Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spirit Week

It's spirit week at my school and it's great.  I didn't have my camera the first day which was depressing, but I had it today, even though yesterday was much better.  It is the anniversary of our school, and the bicentennial of the country, so it's pretty crazy.  And this weekend is supposed to be amazing in Los Angeles, but I'm going to my Aunt and Uncle's farm, kind of sad, but it should be fun.  And I was invited to go to another friend's farm, but I'll still be gone, even sadder.

To start of the day I didn't have to go to school till ten because my class was setting up and said I didn't need to go, they had already worked everything out.  I figured I would get in the way and just slept in, I needed it anyways.

Now then, the Spirit week is great, three teams throughout the schoo, yellow(hippies), green(discotechers), and black(the greasers/50's).  The first day were a few small skits, mainly my the green team.  There was one where it was a family watchin TV and the others acted out the shows.  The best was The Simpsons.  They were painted yellow and had a bunch of characters, hilarious, I wish I had had my camera.  And today, a mini show from my team, the black team.  Not much I understood, but from watchin other's it seemed funny.  There were a few great dances with all guys.  I was surprised how well they had choreographed them, a few could have been used for music videos.  And then there was a great act about the USA and USSR.  They had rockets with the names on them that went into space, but the main plot was about a US soldier captured and held in Russia, kind of depressing.  He gets out and then gets killed by the Russians, protecting his family.  They showed pictures in the background.  At one point, in with pictures of the Berlin Wall were pictures of people during the great depression by Dorothea Lange. I looked down to her picture of the Migrant Mother and was sufficiently confused for a second.

After school it was to the best Empenada store I know, right across the street from my school, but they weren't taking orders from people just walking in, only advance orders, and big ones for the 18th, the bicentennial.  So Alex, and I met up with a friend and went down town to get some amazing pizzas at another place.  I had one, they had two, I was going to eat something at home.  Then back to my house with Alex.  We watched Freedom Writers, a great movie, I suggest it.  And then to the gym.  Not much else except that I am not hungry and my family tries to feed me constantly, I feel bad saying no, but it has to be done.

I have kept forgetting to say that the music here is hilarious.  I have heard Backstreet Boys, which made me miss listening too them, I think I'm going to download some again, Barbie Girl, twice, a bunch of cheesy 80's music, and then some Led Zeppelin.  That is not all, but those are just some highlights. 

I've taken a liking to honey, I eat it at every meal I have it.  I stopped drinking tea and honey, now it's just water and honey, I love it.  Honey on my bread, which I have a lot of, and honey plain.  I want to try it on everything though.  My Aunt and Uncle make it on their farm, which was pretty much destroyed during the earthquake, but they still have the bees.  It's is a great thing though, honey.  They have me cream for my face, I ate and drank it while I was sick, there are remedies at the store for all sorts of things, there are pills, you name it, they have it made with honey.  And I love it.

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