Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not Much

It's 12:21 and I just got back from my parent's family friends, who I really like a lot.  We went over at 8 and now it's late, but I figured I'm leaving for five days because of the Bicentennial and I won't have internet.  But maybe, maybe I'll keep a mini-journal while I'm there, maybe.  If you know me I am pretty bad at that kind of stuff, but sometimes even I pull off the impossible.  More like all the time, but that's besides the point.

Today I went to school nice and late, 10:30 again, and I'll do it again tomorrow.  It's great.  I left early today too, it was boring and I could, not much to it.  I just walk out the doors and go home.  We weren't doing anything and I was bored.

Here is some more stuff I missed.  The moon here is sideways, it waxes and wanes up and down, not to the side.  It's really strange.  And they drink their wine with coke or diet coke quite often.  I went to dinner tonight, a nice one, for me, and the host just added coke to his drink.  I have only seen that a few times, only by younger people, never at a nice dinner in a wine glass.  But I guess it works.  They also had me try Pisco Sour, a Chilean alcohol, and it was delicious.  Just a lemon drink with a kick. 

I've been watcihng a bunch of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  Not the most educational, a show about a meatball, a milkshake, and a thing of fries.  It's lame, but great, and I've been watching to much.  I downloaded all the seasons and I plan watching them all.  Same with movies, after I get home from a long day it's nice to sit back and watch a movie.  Maybe I'll be a movie buff by the time I get back.  I could use that time to study or learn guitar (we have one somewhere), but I'm way to wiped to do it.  I just need to relax and not translate anymore.

Well, off to the farm tomorrow, 2 hour drive, and tons of people.  This is going to be long, but I expect fun.  And I think I am going to see one of the girls in my Rotary group, a really quite German, maybe I can make her open up and actually talk to her.  Time to sleep, good night.

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