Monday, August 30, 2010

Moving Along

Second day of school.  Sort of stunk.  I didn't really do anything.  I listened to music, read, and not much else.  During the breaks no one in my class really talk to me, a few but not much.  I started going to the other class with my friends from the party, they picked me up.  I am still trying to switch, but for some reason my mom doesn't want me to. Who knows, she said she will ask.

After school I went to get my ID and had some problems, nothing major, got fixed and went to the bank.  The atm charges me 5 bucks to get money out and I couldn't get out all I wanted after trying two machines.  And then it started raining.

I got home, messed around a little bit on the computer, at lunch, some other stuff and then it was off to the gym with three other exchange students.  The sun came out, my friends were great, and the gym felt good.  We walked to one house, dropped off a friend and then my Danish friend came over.  It was fun, just hung out in my tiny room.

Over all everything is settling down and slowing down.

It is strange, every time that I speak English with my friends it's broken and sounds terrible.  And many words I am forgetting.  When I get back to the US it is going to be terrible.  I'll pick up my English quick than I am getting my Spanish though.

I am hearing that my Spanish is awesome though, I left my friend's house and her parents that she should speak like me.  I must be doing something right.  I have been translating a bit in school and I started watchin videos on line, but I don't have that much time, I try to get out a lot.  The house is getting hard.
Soccer on Wednesday.  Oh, and I missed rugby, I slept in and my friend's phone wouldn't work.  I'm going to have to wait another week.  And maybe not even get to go, my mom doesn't think I should because it is dangerous and she doesn't think Rotary would approve even though my friend is already doing it.

Goodnight, school tomorrow, I hope it gets more interesting.


  1. So are you able to communicate in Spanish? How much of the time? What about at school? How much of what people say do you understand?

  2. When are you going to post pictures? Of you in your uniform? Of school? Of your family? Of the streets of Los Angeles?