Friday, November 12, 2010

I Think I've Still Got It

I should have written the otherday, after I got back from Santiago when everything was fresh.  But, writing in my blog takes a certain mood, or extreme boredom.  In my case, boredom.  I stayed home from school today because I wasn't feeling to well, but I feel great now, let's hope I can get out later.  I've got two friend's from out of town, plus one of their host sister's and a friend from in town staying here tonight because tomorrow is RYLA, a Rotary event and we have to be there at 9 in the morning.  I am supposed to meet them at the bus station and I think a bunch of us are going to do something tonight, who knows what though, there isn't much around.

Rewind a week.  I left for Santiago on the bus Thursday so I could study and rest on Friday.  The bus ride was 7 hours, a relaxing 7 hours (I enjoy the bus rides a lot).  Then I just waited until the SATs.  I spent Friday not really studying like I should have, only a bit, I wanted to relax and calm down before I took them.  I realized how much I wanted to take them though, I figured it would be nice to actually do some real intellectual work for once.  And it was, the SAT was good.  I don't think I did all that well on the writing, but I wasn't surprised, I couldn't think of the words I wanted to use and I couldn't put my thoughts on to the paper very coherently.  But the rest I did pretty well I think.  Only one math problem that I skipped cause it looked to hard and then came back to and realized it was really easy, only I didn't have enough time.  The main problem was that part way through the test I started shaking and had trouble keeping still and writing.  I don't have any idea what it was, but when I held my hand up I could barely keep my pencil in my hand, so I just kept it pushed against the desk.  The rest of the test went on like that, but I got through it.  And I've been shaking a bit here and there now and keeping my hand steady is impossible, I think it was like that before just not as bad.

The rest of the day was fine, some tv, food, and my cousin's hockey game, which he won 29 to 1, kind of depressing to watch.  The other team was just slaughtered, I couldn't believe that the coach would let that happen, but people are people. 

Sunday was the really cool day.  We went to Vina del Mar and Valparaiso.  Both beautiful cities on the coast west of Santiago.  They are basically connected but Valparaiso is the port side with all the white collar workers and the political significance where most of the lower class lives, and Vina del Mar is the upper class touristy side.  The rich live in Vina, but travel over for work.  Vina was beautiful, giant, and extravagant, but Valparaiso was amazing.  It was old houses, steep streets, and much more authentic, to me at least.  I didn't see as much as I would have liked to of either, but I'm going back in January when my brother comes, which I'm pumped for.  We walked on the beach for a while, went to some lookouts and could see the whole of both cities, and ate lunch.  My aunt and uncle took me, my two cousins, and my cousin's boyfriend to a high end restraunt in Vina.  It was delicious, I had a cut of beef with some sauce and I don't remember the name in English, or in Spanish, but it was basically mashed corn instead of mashed potatoes.  And then, even better, was my cousin's lasagna.  Both of my cousins got lasagna, but neither liked it, so the boyfriend and I got to eat theirs, good decision for me.  Then we stoped over at Pizza Hut for my cousins to get something to eat and we all ended up eating a bit of the pizza.  A but more sight seeing and then off to home. Sleep, and then another bus ride home.

I got back, not much has happened.  I had a soccer game on a field that was packed dirt, some gravel and rocks, and a bunch of glass, not to mention the broken condom I saw.  I got to fall quite a few times and get some good cuts which weren't fun to clean out later.  But in the mean time I felt pretty tough considering I don't know many people, especially my highschool soccer teammates who ever played someplace like that.  We ended up losing though because we didn't have most of our players and had to play some pretty bad players, but whatever, not a big deal, at least to me, some of my team was pissed.

Well, just sitting at home, about to finish season 7 of friends after watching The Time Traveler's Wife.  And maybe I'll put some pictures on facebook, one of the most daunting tasks I know because of the monotony of the task and the speed at which facebook can upload photos.

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